Top Six Reasons to Shop at Trader Joe’s

I used to shop at large chain stores like Safeway and Whole Foods…until I discovered Trader Joe’s. TJ’s is a different kind of grocery store. It’s not based on club cards and thousands of choices by big name brands. They hand pick awesome local products, which usually means rock bottom prices. And although the footprint of the store is small, they do a great job of exposing you to new foods that you might not try otherwise (frozen Mahi Mahi burgers are my latest addiction). For me, Trader Joe’s has made a routine trip to the grocery store into a culinary adventure.

The top 6 reasons I love Trader Joe’s:

  1. Low prices – I’m not sure why, but I always manage to fill up my cart and never spend more than $70.
  2. They are awesome at bagging groceries. (this is a big pet peeve of mine at normal grocery stores).
  3. Dried fruit and nuts – They have a great selection and most of them don’t have added sugar or preservatives. My favorite: Just Mango.
  4. Organic – Most of their products are organic. I’m sure the rest are close enough. 🙂
  5. Spices – Spices can be EXPENSIVE. Trader Joe’s has a limited selection, but they’re high quality and very inexpensive.
  6. Wine – I’ll admit, I don’t know much about wine. Telling between “red and white” is about as deep as I get. TJ’s consistently has a large selection of wines for under $10. Although the Two Buck Chuck (Charles Shaw) is always a purse pleaser.
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  • I love Trader Joe’s! Awesome quality for a great price (even for NYC). The only problem is I’m not the only one. I’ll regularly spend 15 minutes standing in the checkout line.

  • Anonymous

    Great, thanks!

  • DomesticNinja

    Agreed! Sometimes I stash my cart somewhere out of the way and run around grabbing things. It is too much to try and make it up and down the isles.

  • Jennifer Alm

    I heart TJs. We also buy lots of frozen fruits (smoothies!), fun chocolates, and Cliff bars (only 99 cents, which is a steal around these parts) at TJs. It’s also the only place besides the farmer’s market that I buy fresh flowers–they have beautiful bouquets for as low as $4 and they always last an exceptionally long time.