The Best Super Bowl Party Foods

The Super Bowl is right around the corner and is the perfect excuse to get together with friends, have a couple of beers and make a mess. Most people don’t expect too much but it is a good idea to have some food for grazing and getting pizza, subs or some type of delivery at half time is always appreciated. Here are some ideas for my favorite snacks during the game.


This party favorite is a good source of healthy fats and tastes great with tortilla or pita chips. Check out my favorite recipe from Alton Brown. If you don’t feel like making it Whole Foods has the best ready made guacamole (although a little expensive).

Pulled Pork

Pulled pork is a great alternative to the tired pizza and wings. Pick up some mini rolls and your guests can create their own sliders. I recommend Sweet Baby Rays Original barbecue sauce. You can also make some jalapeno cornbread to go with it!

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Ill admit this doesn’t exactly look appetizing, but it tastes great and I always have friends request it. This Buffalo dip goes great with tortilla chips, bread or just about anything.


For a quick dessert check out my rice crispy treat recipe. Everyone will reminisce about how long its been since they’ve had one. Add some team spirit by stirring in a couple drops of food coloring to the melted marshmallow to support your favorite team!

Bean Dip

Don’t have time to make anything? Stop by your local Trader Joe’s and pick up their taco seasoned beef, bean and cheese dip. It was rated the best bean and cheese based dip by Bon Appetit. Check out the runner up and the dips to avoid here.

If you’re really pumped for the game try making the amazing food stadium from holytaco pictured above. Desperate? Lazy? KFC Game Day Bucket Go Boom.

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