August and September: Whats in Season

squashback720Okay so I missed August. It always goes by so fast and before I know it I have anxiety about going back to school (even though its been 6+ years). Anyway, berry season is wrapping up so its a good time to stock your freezer if you want them throughout the year. It’s time to get ready for Fall!

Apples (August-November): If you haven’t read my post about apples you can read it here. One word: McIntosh.

Winter Squash (August – December): Winter squash is a broad term for basically all squash that you see in the supermarket (butternut, acorn, spaghetti etc.). It is harvested at the end of August through October and is great for soups. Epicurious has a great winter squash guide here.


My favorite fall flowers are the Chrysanthemum and Alstroemeria.

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